Hart Mountain Monster

by Frank Medicine Wolf Springer

Oregon archer Tony Torreson drew one of 75 special buck tags for the Hart Mountain area of Oregon.

Rick Pitts, Tony's buddy, spotted this buck and a big 3-pointer and put Tony onto the right track to stalk them after both bucks bedded down in the sage. Rick continued to act as a spotter while Tony made the stalk — the final 10 yards in his socks.

Tony threw rocks over the top of the buck trying to get him to stand. Finally the buck stood up even though Tony had stopped pitching stones. The buck looked at Tony who was at full draw — instant release — instant exit.

The buck's rack is 32 inches wide and green-scored 175.

Tony was shooting a Jennings Carbon Extreme XLR with Easton 2317 XX-75 shafts. His broadheads were single-piece, two-blade Zephyr 125-grain.

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