Sacramento Bypass Wildlife Area
Closed due to Construction

November 10, 1999

At the request of the Department of Water Resources (DWR), the California Department of Fish and Game (DFG) has closed the Sacramento Bypass Wildlife Area (Yolo County) due to on-site construction by DWR. DWR owns the 360-acre property. When not serving its primary purpose as a flood control bypass, the area is managed by DFG as wildlife habitat to provide important cover and feed for wildlife. Hunting would normally be allowed for upland game and waterfowl species from September 1 through January 31.

Public notice will advertise the reopening of the area. Outdoor enthusiasts are encouraged to pick up a copy of Hunting and Other Public Uses on State and Federal Areas at any DFG office and most license agents for ideas on other public places to recreate in the outdoors, whether it be hunting, fishing, birding, or otherwise.

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