Giant Merger In Archery Industry

Some of the world's most prominent names in archery have merged. The new North American Archery Group, LLC will build high quality bowhunting and competition equipment under eight brands which are already household names in archery: Bear Archery (bows and accessories), Brave (youth bows), Buckmasters (Master series of compound bows), Chuck Adams Bowhunting Gear (broadheads and accessories), Fred Bear Bowhunting Equipment Company (compound and traditional bows), Golden Eagle Archery (compound bows), Jennings Archery (compound bows), Satellite Archery (broadheads).

"We have a great opportunity now to combine technologies, patents and manufacturing knowledge to create product advancements in all of our lines," says Charles Palmer, Chairman and CEO. "That's the main reason for the merger. We can make one plus one equal three! As a result, you can expect to see some outstanding new products for the year 2000."

"The North American Archery Group brings a tremendous commitment to the future of bowhunting," according to Craig Dougherty, Vice Chairman of the group. "The three investors in the merger control assets of over $3 billion. We're taking a very long-term view of the industry and have the ability to back up some very aggressive promotional and sales campaigns. Our owners are bowhunters and so are the people who run our companies. We believe in the sport and we believe in the industry. We won't sit by idly and let the anti's or anyone else threaten our heritage."

For the year 2000 and beyond, the new Archery Group will offer more than 40 different adult bows, a wide range of high quality accessories, youth bows, broad heads, and arrow components. "You haven't seen anything yet," Executive Vice President Joe White says. "We are already designing bows with totally new shooting capabilities and accessories that solve age-old shooting and hunting problems! I guarantee that our new gear is going to take your breath away!"

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