Game Law Violations

Reports from California

• Warden Deaver and Lieutenant Davenport issued citations to two individuals who shot and jointly possessed a spike buck during the D-7 deer opener in the Tamarack Ridge area. The suspects in this case dressed out the illegal deer and buried the head near their camp. This violation took place on the opening day of the deer season, but enforcement personnel did not receive the information on this case from a witness until the following Monday. A little luck and tenacious investigation by Warden Deaver led enforcement personnel to the suspect's vehicle which was spotted at a Shaver Lake grocery store. When confronted by wardens as they left the grocery store, the surprised suspects led the officers back to their camp and soon confessed to their misdeed.

• Warden Hileman and FTO Trainee Trunnell served a search warrant on an individual suspected of taking a bear without a tag or hunting license. The information in this case was provided by DFG Biologist Jim Crew. Wardens located the appropriate evidence and obtained a confession from the suspect.

• During a foot patrol of Star Lakes, Lt. Beeler contacted two subjects in a jeep on a very rough four-wheel-drive trail. The hunters had a nice 4x5 buck in the back of the jeep. Lt. Beeler validated the deer and congratulated the hunters. During the conversation, Lt. Beeler learned which back country campsite the subjects had used at Star Lakes. The hunters went on their way driving back out to the trail head two miles away. Lt. Beeler continued on the trail to Star Lakes. Upon arrival at the lakes and the subjects' campsite, Beeler found a very messy camp with lots of litter left behind. After contacting a hunting party camping a the lake, Beeler collected some of the litter as evidence and started a half-run, half-hike back to the trail head, but found that the two subjects were long gone. Disappointed, but not giving up, Beeler dropped the litter into the bed of his patrol truck, thinking it may still be of use. Two hours and many contacts later near Fresno Dome, the subjects were sighted and stopped. When the trash was matched to Pepsi cans and other items that they still had in the jeep, the subjects admitted to their deed. Both subjects were issued citations for littering.

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