James Bond-style Technology
For The Average Hunter
What do you get when you cross one of the most successful hunting rifles of all time with a state-of-the-art firing mechanism? A whole new way to hunt.

The firearms experts at Remington went to the drawing board to figure out how they could make a rifle that would ensure more hits and fewer misses. What they came up with was that the difference between a miss and a hit is often fractions of a second. They then went to work to figure out how to speed up the time from the trigger pull to when the bullet leaves the barrel.

Enter the EtronX Rifle System. Based on the popular Model 700, the EtronX features the same bolt stroke, balance, aesthetics and ergonomics as its synthetic-stocked, stainless steel fluted cousin but adds a new twist — an electronic ignition system that delivers near-zero firing times.

The EtronX system utilizes patented technology to electronically discharge the round, resulting in nearly instant ignition. A standard 9-volt battery — easily accessible in the stock — sends current through a special contact in the bolt face and to the specially designed electronic primer. There are no moving parts to delay ignition.

The new electronic trigger mechanism on the EtronX rifle breaks crisp and clean, offers significantly less travel than the standard Model 700 trigger and eliminates all creep. The result is benchrest performance in a catalog rifle.

The EtronX electronic-ignition system is inherently more accurate because of its near-instantaneous lock time. Ignition occurs nearly simultaneous with trigger pull, which reduces the effects of barrel movement on the desired point of impact.

While the EtronX system uses the most advanced ignition system available, it remains user-friendly with an LED located on top of the grip. System status (FIRE or SAFE mode), chamber status (loaded or not loaded), low-battery indicator and malfunction indicators all relay vital information to the shooter with just a glance.

Obviously, you can't use the same ammunition for the EtronX as for your other firearms, so Remington designed EtronX ammunition to offer a reliable round with extreme accuracy. With initial varmint offerings, the EtronX ammunition line features .22-250 Remington and .220 Swift in the 50-gr. Hornady V-Max polymer-tipped bullet and .243 Win. in the 90-gr. Nosler Ballistic Tip bullet for tack-driving, sub-minute-of-angle accuracy and explosive break-up upon impact.

The EtronX ammunition is extremely innovative. While the case, propellant and bullet are conventional components, the EtronX primer offers a revolutionary enhancement in ignition technology. Yet, the EtronX primer fits a standard #9-1/2 large rifle primer pocket.

For more information on Remington's EtronX, call (800) 243-9700 or visit them on the Web at www.remington.com.

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