Record Setting Elk Season
for Nevada
Elk hunters had a record book season in 1999, highlighted by the harvest of the second-largest bull taken in North America during the 20th Century, according to the Nevada Wildlife Record Book Committee.

San Stiver, Nevada Division of Wildlife staff biologist and record book committee member, said a nonresident hunter from Oregon entered the record books by harvesting a six-point bull elk, with typical antlers, that scored 425 3/8 points under the internationally recognized Boone and Crockett system for scoring antlers. In addition to being the second largest taken in the 20th Century, it was the fourth largest ever in the U.S.

The bull was harvested on Table Mountain in Game Management Area 16, which is located in the Monitor Mountain Range in Nye County north of Tonopah. Nevada's previous state record scored 397 1/8 points and was taken in 1994 at the lower end of the Schell Creek Range in Management Area 22 in Lincoln County.

A second elk taken in 1999 scored 400 4/8 points and came from the Muleshoe burn in Management Area 22. A world record for non-typical elk was set in Nevada during 1999 with an animal that scored 406 4/8 points, taken from Management Area 8 in Elko County.

Another impressive harvest in 1999 came from Management Area 22 in Lincoln County where a Nevada muzzlerloader hunter took a typical bull that scored 384 3/8 points. There were also three other typical elk taken during the year that made Boone and Crockett's record book at 376 points (Area 11), 378 points (Area 7) and 384 points (Area 16).

"Only 30 typical elk have ever been taken that have scored 400 points or more, and Nevada had two in a single year. It's just incredible," Stiver said.

What makes Nevada's 1999 bull elk season results even more impressive, according to Stiver, is that the state harvests slightly under 200 bull elk annually, compared to the 75,000 bulls that are taken each year throughout North America.

"It's safe to say that no state or province has ever had a bull elk season that can match the season Nevada had in 1999," he said. "It was truly phenomenal."

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