A Place for That Plate
The tables pictured to the left and below, collapse into to an easy-to-store configuration.
Each week, the WesternHunter.com staff brings you information about products that could be useful to hunters. Here is one of the products we saw at the January 2000 SHOT Show in Las Vegas.

Since the introduction of the first pickup truck, people have been sitting on the tailgate with nowhere to place their belongings. Now there is a product that effectively addresses that predicament. It's the first of its kind table that attaches directly to the trailer hitch receiver of virtually any truck or SUV in seconds — without nuts, bolts, or screws. It's the "The Trailgate Table".

"I first thought of the idea for the Trailgate Table during a Baja 1000 off-road race in Baja, Mexico while I was part of an off-road racing team," said developer Bill Ball. From that idea in the middle of the desert comes a product so unique it took nearly ten years to perfect.

The Trailgate Table is the answer for the question that every truck owner has asked himself, "What am I doing with this plate of food on my lap?" Or for the hunter or fisherman who wished they had a place to sit while trying on a lure or checking out their equipment.

The Trailgate Table is made of 100% plastic so it will not rust or rot. The Trailgate Table has convenient storage within the table for eating utensils, fishing lures, or tools.

For more information on the Trailgate Table or to see other Trailgate products, check out their website at http://www.trailgate.com.

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