It's Time For Action

An Assault On Your Hunting Guns

Attention hunters! The anti-gun crowd is beating its drums ever louder in an effort to take away your guns everytime the press reports a crime in which guns are involved.

If you live in California, you have already seen what happens when anti-gun politicians gain control of both houses of the legislature and the governor's office. That's right, more gun laws to go along with the hundreds that already exist. Those politicians believe that they can get more votes toward their re-election by taking away your rights.

Well, 2000 is the year for you to take action against the politicians who have taken away your gun rights and those who talk about taking even more away. You need to send them a message by voting them out of office. If you don't, you will be sending the message that going along with the anti-gun crowd is how they get re-elected. A politcian's number one goal, above everything else, is to get themselves re-elected.

Make sure you vote in the primaries and in the November General Election. This year some candidates believe that being openly anti-gun is the way to win — tell every friend you have to vote against these candidates before your guns and then hunting become a thing of the past.

It's no longer an assault on assault rifles, it's an assault on your hunting guns.


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