Quick Setup for Turkey Decoys
Here is another product we spotted at the SHOT Show this past January.

Turkey hunters who use decoys sometimes find themselves trying to quickly put out a decoy before that gobbler spots them and at the same time the convenience of those folding decoys may cause a problem as you try to get them back into the right shape.

New for this turkey season is the Turkey Decoy Expander Mechanism from BuckWing Products, Inc. BuckWing Products has solved the problems associated with turkey decoy deployment.

This patent pending turkey decoy expander is designed to be used in different manufacturer's collapsible decoys, i.e.: FeatherFlex, Delta, etc. Your current decoys can be retrofitted.

The mechanism is attached inside the decoy and becomes part of it. The expander works like a collapsible umbrella. It consists of 8 metal arms with flexible plastic tubular tips and when closed these arms lay flat against the shaft, and when opened they expand out to open and keep the decoy in its proper position. Then the expander shaft is put into the hollow ground mounting stake which allows the decoy to have wind-generated movement.

It only takes seconds to position and mount your decoys, even in total darkness. Just think:

• No more decoys spinning in the wind
• No more difficulty mounting decoys
• No more wasting time trying to open decoys
• No more decoys falling off mounting stakes
• No more decoy body bending and distorting after the decoy is deployed on mounting stake
• No more throwing your decoy away prematurely due to memory creases caused by folding.

For more information, visit BuckWing Products' web site at http://www.buckwing.com.

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