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I thought I was shooting a very quiet bow. As well, I believed I was shooting a smooth, comfortable weapon. And, I was sure I was punching arrows out in the most efficient fashion possible. I WAS WRONG!

A reader suggested I try out a pair of LIMB SAVERS by SIMS. The company provided a test pair for me. I’ll tell you one thing for sure; they both did me a great favor.

It took about 30 seconds to stick the two mushroom-shaped, rubber attachments to the insides of my bow limbs. I felt and saw the results immediately. The Limb Savers are designed to dampen the vibration of the bow in a rapid fashion. This they do! As smooth shooting as the Carrera Orion single cam bow is, this little addition cleaned up everything the engineers didn’t. The small amount of "felt" energy radiating into my grip, vanished. Bow noise was seriously muted. And the efficiency of my arrow’s kinetics instantly improved.

SIMS Vibration Laboratory claims up to a 65% vibration reduction and near 12db-noise reduction. I do not have the laboratory equipment to verify and calculate the exact amount of either reduction, but they were impressively apparent. The one measurement I could concretely confirm on the test range was arrow performance. In dampening down and focusing the wasted energy, my bow picked up almost 2 feet per second of flight speed. And at 30 yards, I gained more than 2 inches of extra arrow penetration on a Dacron bale target. This would equate to a tremendous step-up in animal penetration energy under hunting conditions. And for whatever reason, the conservation of this physics brought the impact point on my sights up one full pin.

There is an old saying "I don’t care how it works, success is success!" SIMS' LIMB SAVER is a ‘best buy’ for any compound bow shooter. You can reach them toll free at 877-257-2761 or see their product at most archery pro-shops.

THINK A GOOD THOUGHT! Frank Medicine Wolf Springer

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