Taurus Firearms Offer
Free NRA Membership
With Each New Gun Sold
As part of its ongoing support of firearms safety, Taurus International Manufacturing, Inc. will provide a free annual membership in the National Rifle Association with each new rifle, revolver, or pistol sold at retail between April 15th and October 31st, 2000.

Retail purchasers must mail to Taurus a copy of their store receipt and a copy of the Federal Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearm's Form 4473, which by law must be completed along with a background check for each new sale, in order to qualify for a voucher by year's end. The voucher, worth up to $35, can be redeemed for a new annual membership or a renewal of membership in the NRA.

Taurus is committed to firearms safety, and proud to support this opportunity to expose more consumers to the leading firearms safety organization in the country, if not the world, the National Rifle Association.

"The key to firearms safety," explains Mr. Bob Morrison, Taurus Executive-Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, "is personal responsibility. We strongly support preservation of the cherished civil liberties American citizens enjoy, among them the freedom to keep and bear arms. We likewise value the concept that for every freedom there is an attendant responsibility. With firearms, that responsibility is safe ownership and operation."

Taurus purchasers who make use of the free offer will receive NRA's monthly publications that identify safety and firearms training opportunities and educate readers about firearms mechanisms and technology, such as the integral, or on-board internal key lock found on new Taurus products since 1997.

The Taurus Security System™, a patented locking device built into the firearm, was the first integral system offered by a firearms manufacturer.
The device is built into revolvers, semiautomatic pistols, rifles, and carbines sold by the Miami-based manufacturer.

Morrison, Taurus' Executive-Vice President, explains that the integral device deters unauthorized use. "It's easy to quickly engage the system, for instance when a police officer comes home from work and wants to secure his gun," he notes. "Since it's built right into the firearm, there's no need to go searching for a lock, or being unable to secure the firearm if you vary your routine."

"An unauthorized user would certainly destroy the firearm while trying to defeat the lock," adds Morrison, "so it can help prevent theft of a personal firearm when locked for storage."

The Taurus Security System™ for revolvers allows ammunition to be safely inserted or removed from the cylinder. On semiauto pistols, a magazine can be safely inserted or removed when the Taurus Security System's lock is engaged.

While many Taurus firearms contain the Taurus Security System, owners of earlier models also have an option for securing their handguns. Taurus provides a trigger-blocking device to any owner of a Taurus handgun at no charge other than for postage and handling.

In advertising and marketing materials for the past two years, Taurus has offered the Taurus Security System at no additional charge and reminds its customers that firearms safety and proper storage is the responsibility of firearms owners.

For an added margin of safety, in addition to the exclusive Taurus external three-position ambidextrous safety, most current-production Taurus semiautomatic pistols also feature a loaded-chamber indicator or magazine disconnect. Revolvers are designed with a transfer bar safety system to prevent accidental discharge.

"Gunlocks, loaded-chamber indicators, and manual safeties," reminds Morrison, " are merely tools to be used by a responsible owner in an appropriate situation."

For additional information about the Taurus Security System, Internet users can go to http://www.taurususa.com/keylock.html on the world wide web.

"You wouldn't know it from news reports," explains Morrison, "but the rate of firearms accidents has been steadily declining. That's due to a long-term commitment manufacturers like Taurus and organizations like the NRA have to promoting responsible ownership and safe enjoyment of firearms."

"The number of fatal gun accidents is at its lowest level since statistics were first kept in 1903. In a nation where about half the households contain at least one firearm, both the per capita and actual number of accidents is at a record low, even though more Americans keep firearms than ever before."

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