Big Bear In Realtree
Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A. announces another addition to its popular Big Bear 400 line. The new Buckmaster Edition features Realtree X-tra Brown Camouflage covering its entire bodywork, flat-black components and decals featuring the Buckmaster logo, the symobl of the country's premier whitetail deer hunting organization.

The 2000 model year Big Bear 400 4x4 has a new 401cc liquid-cooled four-stroke engine which provides 50cc more power than last year's model. At 545 pounds for the 4x4 version, this larger engine provides an improved power-to-weight ratio.

The 2000 Big Bear 400 4x4 Buckmaster Edition has several other features including a new, over-sized, fan-assisted oil-cooler positioned high in the frame for protection against logs and rocks. The new stainless steel exhaust is super-quiet and corrosion-free. The new chassis is designed for light steering with a tight turning radius and outstanding maneuverability. The Big Bear 400 4x4 features fully enclosed rear drum brakes, new Marine-spec. waterproof electrical components and an 18-amp-hour battery tucked well within the frame, to ensure the ultimate in water and mud protection.

With a gear (or game) load capacity of 265 pounds and the new center-mounted trailer hitch which can pull more than 900 pounds, the Yamaha Big Bear 400 leads its class in payload potential. The Big Bear 400 also leads its class with 9.6 inches of ground clearance. The new frame bosses offer easy winch mounting.

The Big Bear is a workhorse that features unparalleled durability, outstanding "quality" feel and class-leading performance. It offers the power, maneuverability, component-protection and high ground clearance that customers have come to expect from Yamaha.

See the new Yahma Big Bear 400 4x4 Buckmaster Edition at your nearest Yamaha dealer (call 1-800-6-YAMAHA for nearest dealer) or call 1-800-88-YAMAHA for a free brochure. Or visit the Web site at

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