Big Game Drawing Deadline June 2
California hunters have until June 2 to reach the Department of Fish and Game's license branch in Sacramento with applications for deer, elk, pronghorn antelope and bighorn sheep tag drawings.

"Sales are already picking up," said Barbara Pike, program technician in the Redding office.

Fish and Game said new 2000-2001 hunting licenses, hunt applications, deer tags and bear tags are now available over the counter from DFG offices throughout the state, including Redding and Eureka. Licenses and applications also are available from retail license agents.

Automated drawings scheduled for the week of June 5 will determine which hunters receive tags for the "X" deer zones and for special elk, antelope and sheep hunts. Tags for deer zones with more generous tag quotas, such as the huge B-zone complex, are sold by mail or over DFG counters on a first-come, first-served basis.

Tags for "area-specific" archery hunts that have not been distributed through the drawing system will be available from Sacramento via one-deer or second-deer tag applications beginning July 3. Hunters wishing to use their second-tag application for a C-zone, D-zone or unclaimed "additional hunt" tag will have to wait until September 5 to learn if they are successful.

This year's prices for resident hunters are $28.60 for a license; $18.65 for a one-deer application; $23.65 for a second-deer application; $27.55 for a bear tag; $7.90 for a package of five wild pig tags; and, a nonrefundable $6.25 for the right to apply for an antelope, elk or bighorn tag.

If drawn, resident hunters will pay $250.75 for a bighorn tag, $266.25 for an elk tag and $89 for a pronghorn tag.

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