Scouting Around
How to Clean a Bear Skull

The easiest way is to call a taxidermist. If you're looking for an organic method, there's a critter called dermistic beetles that will clean them up.

If you rely on ants, beetles, or other insects, be sure it is in a wire cage of some kind to foil the bigger animals. Cooking may be the most common method. Remove what you can first. Hold the water temperature below a boil so you don't yellow the bone or loosen the teeth. Cook and scrape. Cook and scrape.

Oregon —
Man Reports Encounter with Cougar

State and federal wildlife officials responded Wednesday to a report of a cougar attack near the town of Siletz in Oregon's central coast range. Officials from Oregon State Police, Game Division officers, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife biologists and local agents of the U. S. Department of Agriculture Wildlife Services attempted to track the animal, which reportedly scratched the leg of a man while he was feeding pets. However, heavy rain hindered their efforts and the officials could not locate the animal.

Officials will continue to look for the animal and are considering all practical and safe means of locating it. They are also continuing to collect information and will make it available when more is known.

Based on the report, wildlife officials suspect the man surprised the cougar.

Cougar sightings and complaints have increased in recent years, but up-close confrontations are very rare.

Idaho — Big Game Record Book Updated

The 2000 edition of the Idaho Big Game Record Book has been completed with 61 new entries.

The record book is compiled by Fish and Game retiree Ralph Pehrson and currently available at department offices. It will appear at a later date on the department web site.

Idaho's big game record book now contains 1,146 total entries.

Arizona —June 13 Is The Deadline For Big Game Hunt Applications

The deadline this year for big game hunt applications is the second Tuesday in June (the 13th) rather than the third Tuesday, advised Arizona Game and Fish Department officials.

"In reality because of how the calendar falls, this is only two days earlier than last year. We earnestly tried to avoid changing the time frame, but the logistics involved with processing applications dictated otherwise," said assistant director Jim Burton.

Burton explained that last year, deer were added to the bonus point system, which increased the time factor for processing applications. "The way the calendar falls this year, keeping the third Tuesday in June would have impacted our ability to process all the applications in sufficient time."

Information branch chief Joe Janisch said the department now places the Hunt Regulations on its Internet home page ( just as soon as they are ready. That should have been done sometime during the week following the April 15 Game and Fish Commission meeting when the hunt regulations were adopted. Once people have the latest information available, they can fill out and submit their hunt-permit application. Hunt-permit applications are also available on the department's Home Page.

Idaho — Ask Fish and Game


I plan on going bear hunting this spring. Do I have to bring the meat home?


Yes. With every big game animal except mountain lions, you are required to bring out the meat. This is addressed under "Waste of game" on page 11 of the 1999 big game rules and on page 10 of the 2000 big game rules.

Idaho — Turkey Season April 15 through May 31

Wild turkey populations have done well in recent years in Idaho with an aggressive transplanting program. Participation has grown to match, from a few hundred hunters in the 1980s to around 17,000 in Idaho last year.

A mild winter assured little or no winterkill in turkey populations while brood conditions were excellent across most areas of Idaho last year. Good numbers of birds are expected wherever wild turkeys are found in Idaho.

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