Oregon Big Game Draw Winners
Eleven lucky hunters had their names drawn from a pool of more than 40,000 and won a raffle hunt for deer, elk or bighorn sheep during the Oregon Hunters Association's annual convention last week.

In addition, Michael King, of Portland, made the winning bid of $19,500 for the A&H Program Statewide Elk Auction Hunt, which was also offered at the convention.

This year's raffle hunt winners and alternates include:

• Hart Mountain Mule Deer Hunt
Winner: Ansel Roberts, Newport, WA
First Alternate: Mark Orr, Lyons, OR
Second Alternate: Rick Carosone, Idaho Falls, ID

• Western Oregon Deer Hunt
Winner: Troy Rodakowski, Eugene, OR
First Alternate: R.M. Bernards, McMinnville, OR
Second Alternate: Pat McGanty, Roseburg, OR

• Northeast Oregon Deer Hunt
Winner: R.M. Bernards, McMinnville, OR
First Alternate: Corinne Olson, Salem, OR
Second Alternate: Mark Westwood, Salem, OR

• Southeast Oregon Deer Hunt
Winner: Brian Wager, Medford, OR
First Alternate: Delbert Leep, Myrtle Point, OR
Second Alternate: Clint Jackson, Buxton, OR

• Central Oregon Deer Hunt
Winner: Kipp Nelson, Milwaukie, OR
First Alternate: Dale Dietzel, Turner, OR
Second Alternate: Kevin Zachary, Culver, OR

• Northeast Oregon Elk Hunt
Winner: James O'Brien, Alsea, OR
First Alternate: Gregory Parrot, Sherwood, OR
Second Alternate: Ray Reser, Milton Freewater, OR

• Southeast Oregon Elk Hunt
Winner: Dale Dietzel, Turner, OR
First Alternate: Steven Woodford, Springfield, OR
Second Alternate: Chris Edwards, Springfield, OR

• Central Oregon Elk Hunt

Winner: James Holmes, Klamath Falls, OR
First Alternate: Cory Relling, Eugene, OR
Second Alternate: Lee Fino, Dinuba, CA

• Western Oregon Elk Hunt
Winner: R.M. Bernards, McMinnville, OR
First Alternate: Richard Sells, West Linn, OR
Second Alternate: Doug Gattis, Medford, OR

• Statewide Elk Hunt
Winner: Todd A. Erickson, Carlton, OR
First Alternate: Roger Anderson, Eugene, OR
Second Alternate: Patrick Davis, Stanfield, OR

• Bighorn Sheep Hunt
Winner: Carl Hoehner, Pocatello, ID
First Alternate: Butch Kuflak, Hermosa Beach, CA
Second Alternate: Mike Jackson, Winchester, OR

Deer and elk raffle winners and the auction hunt winner will be able to hunt over several management units between September 1 and November 30, 2000. Winners may also harvest a deer and/or elk with general or controlled season tags during authorized seasons, in addition to filling their raffle or auction tag. The bighorn sheep raffle hunt winner will receive a tag valid for any hunt area with authorized tags from August 19 through October 24, 2000.

Proceeds from the deer and elk raffle and auction hunts will be used by the Access and Habitat Program to fund wildlife habitat and hunter access projects throughout the state. Money raised through the bighorn sheep raffle hunt will be used specifically for bighorn sheep management, including trapping and transplanting, disease research and monitoring, and habitat improvement.

For more information on the Access and Habitat Program, contact the program coordinator at (503) 872-5260. For additional information on the Bighorn Sheep Program, contact Don Whittaker at (503) 872-5260, ext. 5341.

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