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Californa — Upland Game Bird Hunting Regulations

The California Fish and Game Commission will accept public recommendations for changes to the resident and migratory upland game bird hunting regulations at its Thursday, June 15 meeting
in Truckee.

The 10 a.m. meeting is at the Best Western Truckee Tahoe Inn on Highway 267. All recommendations concerning the hunting regulations proposed by the Department of Fish and Game and the public must be received by this meeting. The Commission will receive public testimony and consider adoption of the proposed regulatory changes at its August 4 meeting in San Luis Obispo.

Utah —
Two CWMU Buck Deer Permits Available June 5

Two resident buck deer permits for the Grazing Pasture Cooperative Wildlife Management Unit in Sevier County will be available for purchase June 5, at the Division of Wildlife Resources' Salt Lake City office.

The office opens at 7:30 a.m., and is located at 1594 W. North Temple.

The two permits were not made available in the 2000 bucks, bulls and once-in-a-lifetime draw because a buck deer hunt on the CWMU was not approved until April, which was after the January application period.

For more information, call Cal Haskell, the CWMU's operator, at (801) 562-0050, or the Division's Salt Lake City office at (801) 538-4700.

Wyoming — Public Invited to Nontoxic Shot Clinics

Shoot blue rock for free with one of the continent’s foremost shotgunning experts looking over your shoulder, plus learn distance estimation and nontoxic shot ballistics at workshops in Cheyenne and Casper this July.

Tom Roster, director of the Cooperative North American Shotgunning Education Program, will conduct the shooting clinics July 8 and 9 in Casper and July 12 and 13 in Cheyenne. Each clinic is open for the first 20 hunters to register by calling Jake Hohl of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department at (800) 842-1934 or 777-4600 in Cheyenne.

Hohl says all shooters must attend a seminar 6:30 to 10 p.m. either July 7 at the G&F’s Casper Officer or July 11 at the Raper National Guard Armory in Cheyenne to shoot in the free clinic. "The seminars give shooters the background about steel shot they need to develop the shooting techniques at the clinic," Hohl says.

Hunters can attend the seminar without participating in the shooting clinic.

Roster and G&F employees will also help hunters pattern their shotguns at the clinics.

To register or for more information, call Hohl.

Wyoming — Student Hunting & Fishing Field Trip

Teachers across the region are invited to take their classes on a field trip of shotgun and .22 shooting, canoeing, fly casting, archery and other hands-on activities September 8 at the third annual Hunting and Fishing Heritage Expo in Casper.

Last year, 4,000 students from across the state participated in the Expo’s free outdoor activities with one-on-one instruction.

Expo Coordinator Dave Lockman says the first day of the 3-day event is specifically dedicated to school children. "It’s not as easy to get introduced to the shooting and angling sports as it was just 20 years ago," Lockman said. "One of the main functions of the Expo is to try and bridge that gap."

This year the Expo will also feature a Wildlife Quiz Bowl for middle and high school students and a Heritage Trails area taking participants through the evolution of hunting and fishing.

Teachers are alerted many of the activities tie directly to Wyoming Department of Education Content and Performance Standards.

Kids are also welcome to attend the Expo Sept. 9-10 with their parents or guardians.

To schedule a field trip or for more information, contact Lockman or Patty Stevens at (888) EXPO-WYO, (888) 397-6996).

Idaho — Controlled Hunt Application Deadline Near

The last day for applying for this fall's big game and turkey controlled
hunts comes Wednesday, May 31.

Applications postmarked May 31 are accepted. All other forms of application must be completed by close of business on that day. Hunters are applying for deer, elk, antelope, black bear and, for the first time, wild turkey controlled hunts.

Hunt applications are taken at Fish and Game offices, private license vendors, by mail and at 1-800-824-3729. The company that handles credit card sales and applications charges a service fee in addition to the $6.50 nonrefundable application fee. The service fee also applies to applications made through the Fish and Game internet web site at

Hunters must have a current hunting license when they apply for controlled hunts. Hunters born after January 1, 1975 must have completed Hunter Education before they can obtain a license and apply for controlled hunts.

Applications will be entered into a computerized random draw system. Successful applicants will be notified by July 10.

Oregon — Hunting Report


Deschutes District
Coyotes: Good numbers continue to be available throughout the district. Areas near Fort Rock and Christmas Valley should provide excellent opportunities as well as east of Bend from Pine Mountain to Glass Butte. Pelts are in excellent condition. Large numbers are scattered north of Frederick's Butte and Pine Ridge near antelope herds.
Jackrabbits: Numbers are low throughout the district. Best success will be adjacent to agricultural lands. Ask permission first prior to hunting on private lands.

Ochoco District
Ground Squirrels offer good off-season opportunities for hunters. Best opportunities will be on private agricultural fields around Prineville, Madras and along the upper Crooked River. If you hunt private lands, contact the landowner first.
Coyotes: Populations are widespread throughout the district.
Turkeys: Birds are scattered with the highest number of birds in the Bear and Trout Creek watersheds of the Grizzly unit.

Klamath District
Wild Turkeys: The season opened April 15 and will run through May 31. A few birds can be found in the south Keno Unit. Hunters are reminded that they can purchase turkey tags up until the end of the hunting season.
Coyotes: Good numbers are available near agricultural and foothill areas.
Ground Squirrels are becoming active in many of the fields. Remember, you must always ask for permission to hunt on private land.


Baker District
Coyotes: Numbers are high and calling should be good. Be sure to ask permission before hunting on private land.

Union District
Coyotes: Numbers are high and hunting lower elevations by calling should be good. Hunters are reminded to get permission before hunting private lands.

Wallowa District
Bear: Spring bear hunting has improved. Warmer weather should improve success. The season ends the last of May.
Turkeys: Hunting has been fair.

Harney District
Ground Squirrels: An extremely high population of ground squirrels has occurred in the Crane-Princeton area around alfalfa and grain fields. Young are exiting the burrows and are available in good numbers. Ask permission at the farmhouses, and be careful to use areas with adequate backstops for bullets in the flat terrain. Respect farm animals and equipment.
Coyotes: Numbers are fair. Animals are widely scattered and difficult to locate during this pup-rearing period.

Summer Lake Wildlife Area
All hunting seasons are closed and discharging firearms is prohibited, except by permit.

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