California Deer Hunters,
Here's Your Chance
by Jerry Springer
Every year after the California Big Game Drawing, the wailing and gnashing of teeth hits a fevered pitch. Those not lucky enough to draw the tag they want (which is a majority of those who enter the drawing), join in a chorus of how screwed up or unfair the system is. More often than not I tend to join in the chorus as I am just not lucky in drawings — especially the Big Game Drawing.

In March, I attended the Fish and Game Commission meeting in Sacramento and along with other hunters expressed my dislike of the current system and my request for a preference point system.

DFG officials explained their intent to hold a series of scoping sessions around the state to get input from hunters on what type of drawing system hunters wanted and indicated that the results would be given to the Commission in February 2001. The Commission agreed this was a good idea and voiced support for this survey.

Well, hunters, here is your chance to tell the DFG in person how you think the drawing should be run in the future. Below is a list of meetings which the DFG has scheduled. Some of the details are still to be worked out and additional meetings will probably be added.

It appears that the DFG is putting out a real effort to get feedback from hunters and has indicated that its direction will be based on what hunters want.

Each week we will update you on changes and additions to the meetings. This is your chance to be part of the solution — see you at the meetings.

Tentative Meeting Schedule

Chico - 7/24/2000 (Chico City Council Chambers, starts at 7 p.m)
Modesto - 7/25/2000 (Oakdale Sportsman's Club, 840 N. Stearns Road, 7-10 p.m.)
Fresno - 7/26/2000 (Fresno County Sportsman's Club, 10645 N. Lanes Road, 7-10 p.m.)
Bakersfield - 7/27/2000 (East Bakersfield Veterans Hall, 2101 Ridge Road)
Santa Rosa - 8/?/2000
Eureka - 8/?/2000
Sacramento - 8/9/00
Truckee - 8/10/2000 (Truckee Donner Public Utilities District Board Room, starts 6 p.m.)
Bishop - 8/22/2000 (Bishop Council Chambers from 7-9 p.m.)
Long Beach - 8/23/2000 (Long Beach Fish and Game Office, starts 7 p.m.)
El Cajon - 8/24/2000 (Unity Town Hall, 311 Highland Avenue, starts 7 p.m.)
Santa Maria - 9/12/2000
Salinas - 9/21/2000
Red Bluff - 10/18/2000
Susanville - 10/19/2000 (LASCO F&G Commission meeting)
Redding - 10/?/2000
Alturas - 10/?/2000

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