Game Law Violations

Reports from California

• An Atwater man was recently sentenced in Los Banos Court on charges stemming from a contact with Warden Miller last waterfowl season. The suspect was trespassing, using toxic (lead) shot, hunting with a suspended license and violating his probation. He had been cited previously by Wardens Galas and T. Spada for other hunting violations. The court found him guilty of violating his probation and sentenced him to 30 days in jail. In addition, he was ordered to pay more than $400 in additional fines and is prohibited from hunting for another year.

• A significant deer poaching case was settled in the Fresno County court system. Two men were charged with the possession of nine illegal deer. The case involved several wardens from the Fresno and Madera squads to assist with search warrants after the men were located with a freshly killed doe in the field. The judge wanted the case to be settled without going to trial. The two men received 200 hours of community service, probation and a search clause. They did not receive any fines or have any firearms confiscated. Significant investigative and lab costs were incurred on this case and the DFG has requested the court to consider payment of these costs as a part of probation. The outcome is disappointing given the severity of the violations.

If They Only Had a Brain!

• Warden H. Spada was standing behind a subject and his son observing their fishing activities. Suddenly the angler proudly held up and displayed his undersized bass to passengers of a passing vessel. The people on the boat warned the fisherman of the fish's less-than-legal length and he replied, We're not gonna throw it back." Warden Spada made contact with the subject, and found the undersized bass on a stringer at the water's edge. The angler was cited.

• While "working" fishermen at Brite Lake in Kern County, Warden Dailey explained to three anglers about the limits and regulations concerning the possession of trout and the use of multiple poles. Warden Dailey informed the trio that he sometimes worked the lake in plainclothes; therefore, the angler fishing right next to them could be an undercover game warden. The very next day Warrden Dailey returned to Brite Lake in plainclothes and fished next to the same anglers. The three anglers failed to recognize Warden Dailey and proceeded to take an overlimit of trout and fish with multiple poles.

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