Picture of the Week
Will You Sit Back
And Lose Your Firearms?
Three-year-old Zackery Sharp gets his first lesson with a BB gun from his grandfather. Respect and gun safety can never start too early.
"We need more gun laws!"

Every time a gun is misused, we hear the above quote — and more often than not — it's from our politicians. If the problem were guns, why did we not have these problems when we were growing up? We had the guns, and we had freer access to them.

This last year has seen hunters lose more rights to purchase or own firearms than ever before. Many elected officials, especially in California, believe their chance to get elected or re-elected is easier if they push gun control.

Do you think guns are the problem? If you don't, you need to get off your backside during the next three-and-a-half months and do something about supporting individuals who are running for office who don't think making more gun laws is the answer.

If you do nothing, you have given a clear signal to our elected officials that taking away gun rights is OK with you!

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