Floats Like a Butterfly,
Stings Like a Hornet!
Varmint-rifle performance and accuracy in a double-action revolver. That's what you get with the unique new .22 Hornet Taurus Raging Hornet™. The Raging Hornet™ is built with the same massively strong design as our Raging Bull 454 Casull™ revolver, with a signature bright Hornet Yellow grip insert. It features front and rear cylinder lockup, eight-shot capacity, and a heavy unported 10-inch barrel for maximum shooting stability.
Each Model 22H is drop-hammer forged and comes fully equipped with precision-adjustable open sights — but to get the most from the Raging Hornet™ revolver, you’ll want to use the included new Taurus Scope Mount Base to fit a high-magnification scope.
Priced at $898 M.S.R.P.
(Scope and rings are not included.)
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