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California — Big Game Fund-raising Applications Due

The Department of Fish and Game (DFG) is inviting nonprofit organizations to submit applications to sell big game fund-raising license tags for bighorn sheep, deer and elk in 2001. All proceeds from the sale of fund-raising tags are returned to the DFG to benefit these wildlife species.

The deadline for submitting applications is 2 p.m. on August 28, 2000.

Each year a number of nonprofit organizations vie for the opportunity to sell these limited hunting license tags in order to attract bidders to their fund-raising events and to raise money for wildlife conservation. During the past year, 18 license tags sold at fund-raising auctions raised more than $200,000 for bighorn sheep, deer, elk and pronghorn management programs.

Although the DFG does not intend to offer pronghorn fund-raising tags this year, there will likely be tags available for bighorn sheep, deer and elk, pending results of population surveys later in the year.

Application packages have been mailed to organizations which have previously applied for the opportunity to sell fund-raising tags, and to organizations that request them. To request an application package, contact the Department's Wildlife Programs Branch at (916) 653-7203.

Utah — Permits Still Available for General Archery Buck Deer Hunt

Archers who haven't bought a permit still have a chance to participate in Utah's 2000 general archery buck deer hunt, which opens August 19.

As of August 11, resident permits for the Northern and Northeastern regions remained available. Nonresident permits for the Northern, Central and Northeastern regions also remained available.

To purchase a permit before August 19, archers must visit Division of Wildlife Resources offices in Ogden, Salt Lake City, Springville, Vernal, Price or Cedar City.

Because the season is just days away, archers won't be able to buy an archery permit off the Internet. It takes up to 14 days for permits bought off the Internet to arrive in the mail, which isn't enough time for them to arrive before the start of the season.

To prevent buck deer permits from overselling this year, they aren't available from license agents.

For more information call the nearest Division of Wildlife Resources office, or the Division's Salt Lake City office at (801) 538-4700.

Arizona —Antelope Hunting Clinic Set For August 15

The Arizona Antelope Foundation is hosting the eighth Antelope Hunters Clinic starting 5:30 p.m. August 15 at the Mountains Preserve Reception and Conference Center at 1431 E. Dunlap Ave in Phoenix.

There will be presentations by experts on pronghorn antelope life history and behavior, use of options in locating pronghorns, hunting strategies, judging trophies, and care of animals. The Arizona Game and Fish Department will have biologists on hand to answer questions.

New member and general raffles will be held. For more information, contact Joe Bill Pickrell at (602) 995-0554 or Game and Fish research biologist Richard Ockenfels at (602) 789-3379.

Wyoming — Bear Problems

Drought has prompted hungry black bears to search for human food by breaking into cabins and camp trailers and raiding dumpsters in many areas of Wyoming this summer. That has the Game and Fish Department urging anyone living or recreating in black bear country to take extra care that no food is left accessible to the opportunistic animal.

"Not only will leaving food out where a bear can get it cause damage to tents and other property, it conditions the animal to seek human food again and lose its fear of humans," said Gregg Arthur, Laramie wildlife supervisor.

The personnel in Arthur’s region have been busy handling nuisance black bear calls prompted by bears seeking human food from the Snowy Range to Cheyenne. Several bears have been trapped and relocated to more remote areas.

Cabin owners and campers are advised not to leave any food outside, including dog food, and to invest in bear-proof trash containers. Barbecue grills should be also be returned to vehicles or other secured spots after use. It is also suggested campers refrain from cooking very aromatic foods outside, such as frying bacon and fish.

Backpackers are also requested to cook and eat their meal one mile before their sleeping destination. In addition to packing food in odor-proof containers, in drought years it is also suggested backpackers hang their food from trees to be less detectable to black bears.

"Keeping food away from bears, not only is for human protection, but also for the bears’ well being," Arthur said. "Once a bear repeatedly exhibits no fear of humans from getting food rewards, it may be shot in self-defense or have to be killed to prevent an attack."

Montana — Shotgun Clinics in Boseman

Montana bird hunters will have an opportunity to learn about shotgun handling and shooting techniques at a Fish, Wildlife & Parks seminar and shooting clinic to be held in Bozeman in September.

On September 8, a Friday evening seminar will be offered in Bozeman featuring Tom Roster, internationally recognized expert in the field of shotgunning and shotgun-handling techniques. The seminar is free and open to the public. The specific time and location of the event has yet to be determined.

In addition to the evening seminar, Roster will teach hands-on shotgun handling and shooting techniques to a small number of participants on Saturday, September 9 and Monday, September 11 at a shooting range in the Bozeman area.

Applications for the shooting clinics are available by contacting FWP's Bernie Kuntz in Bozeman at (406) 994-6931.

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