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Tip Leads Officer To Intercept Illegal Mountain Lion Hunters

The plan was to harvest the mountain lion, hide it and then travel to town and get a license. The plan was foiled when the game warden was waiting for the poachers on their way to town.

Glenrock game warden Jim Seeman received a telephone call February 19 concerning a houndsman looking for a hunter to harvest a mountain lion south of Glenrock.

"I traveled to the approximate location where the hunt was taking place and observed the hunter carrying a mountain lion," said Seeman. "I left the area and met the hunter on the highway. He was headed to town to buy a license."

Further investigation revealed the dogs belonged to a 57-year-old houndsman from Casper. He was able to get a man from Douglas to come harvest the lion, but the latter didn’t have a license. The shooter told Seeman that they hid the lion under a tree and planned to go to Casper and buy a license and come back later. "He knew he needed a license and that they were taking a big risk," said Seeman.

The shooter pleaded guilty to taking a mountain lion without a valid license in Converse County Court in March 2000 and was fined $750. On June 15, the houndsman pleaded guilty as an accessory after the fact for helping hide the lion and was fined $750. The houndsman also had his hunting, trapping and outfitting privileges suspended for two years.

"This case would not have been solved without the assistance of the Converse County Sheriff’s office," said Seeman. "The local deputies play a critical role in the investigation and apprehension of poachers."

In 1981, the same houndsman was convicted of wanton destruction of a moose in Teton County. He has also been convicted of taking bobcats without a license.

The public also plays a vital role in helping protect Wyoming’s wildlife resources from poachers. The public is encouraged to report any illegal activities witnessed or suspected. Help the G&F protect your wildlife by calling the STOP POACHING hotline at (800) 442-4331. Callers can remain anonymous and may be eligible for a cash reward.

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