Beat The Cold
HotHands Air-Activated Warmers, by HeatMax, Inc., are just the thing for cold-weather sporting comfort. These disposable warmers, made from natural chemicals, when exposed to air, warm up and generate heat. They are perfect for those cold days in treestands, duck hunting, or any other outdoor activity that finds you out in the cold.

New accessory items from HotHands now make the warmer packets more convenient to use, holding them right where you need them most. These include HotHands Heated mittens, 3-in-1 Handmuff and Heated Belt. All are available in the Advantage Classic Camouflage pattern to better blend in with your hunting habitat.

The HotHands Heated Mittens have a special pocket on the palm side that holds a HotHands-2 Hand Warmer for the ultimate in hand-warmth. For greater freedom of movement, the mittens feature fold-back "hoods" over the fingers and thumb caps, secured by Velcro. This frees fingers for shooting or doing anything that requires dexterity. The warmer generates heat for up to 10 hours.

The HotHands 3-in-1 Handmuff provides a very warm spot for cold hands through its ergonomically designed hand openings and special pocket for HotHands Hand Warmers. In addition, a zippered pocket turns the HandMuff into a fanny pack.

The new HotHands Heated Belt covers and warms the critical kidney and lower back area.

These products can be found at most major discount stores and independent sporting goods stores. For more information, call 1-800-HEATMAX or visit the web site at

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