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Game Law Violations, My Favorite

It's kind of sad, but the Game Law violations are my favorite line item. It's good to see the "bad guys" taken to justice. These are the same guys that the anti-gunners use to make their point!!!

As proven in this week's list, 10,000 gun laws cannot keep a gun out of a felon's hands. Our justice system is broken and, little by little, the lawful gun owner/hunter is taking the fall. Game wardens need our support.


California Blacktail Book

Thanks for the great issue, as always! Just wondering where we can buy Keith Smith's new book? I have been looking far and wide for a California black-tail hunting book! Most are specific to Oregon and the DFG's hasn't come in yet. Thanks,


Editor's Note:
Keith Smith has not published his book yet. Comments from readers of WesternHunter.com will determine if there is enough interest to justify the cost of such an undertaking.

By the way, the California DFG has recently released a free "Guide to Hunting Deer in California."

Moms That Hunt

I would like to find out anything I can about other moms that hunt. My children are 1 year and 3 years. I'm finding it is difficult to do much hunting lately. I do plan to continue to hunt and teach my children about the outdoors and respect for wild lands. I think it would be neat to talk to other moms in California that hunt. I may get some good ideas on better ways to go on outings. Any and all ideas are welcome. I realize that I'm in a serious minority of your subscribers but I would appreciate a response all the same.

Thank you and I would also like to say that I have a strong interest in Labradors that are used as bird dogs. I train my own and hunt test with them. I also help other people train theirs. The larger part of the training is done on the dogs' natural drive to hunt and curious nature to birds.

Kind regards, Bethanie Mcgahan

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