Save That Trophy
Designed with hunting and fishing in mind, the FoodSaver Professional II is the ultimate tool for vacuum packing fish and game. Featuring a powerful nylon piston pump for a commercial-quality vacuum, FoodSaver Professional II stores fish and game in specially designed VacLoc bags that keep food fresh three to five times longer and eliminate freezer burn.

Once fish is vacuum packed, it stays fresh in the freezer for up to two years — large cuts of meat stay fresh in the freezer for two to three years. The FoodSaver Professional II lets the meal be your trophy, and it lets you enjoy this trophy over time without the risk of freezer burn or flavor degradation.

From TILIA, the Professional II is the most advanced and high-capacity model in the FoodSaver line, capable of bagging anything from the catch of the day to an 800-pound elk. This easy-to-use countertop appliance features state-of-the-art Telfon-covered heat seal bar for a wide, strong seal and a patented vacuum channel that prevents mess by catching overflowing liquids and foods. The FoodSaver Professional II can be adjusted for optimum vacuum at higher elevations.

Once fish or game is vacuum packed, you can write the date on the bag, along with optional details on the fishing/hunting experience. The FoodSaver Professional II comes with an initial supply of 3-ply VacLoc Bags, which are microwavable, boilable, dishwasher-safe, reusable and resealable.

The FoodSaver Professional II has additional benefits for the outdoors market. Use it to vacuum pack guns and equipment for safety and protection against corrosion or oxidation. Use it to make an airtight, waterproof first-aid kit. Use it to prepack meals for a hunting or fishing expedition — meals that can quickly be prepared by boiling in the bag.

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