Arizona Wildlife Wins First Hurdle
Proposition 102, the Wildlife Referendum, won a decisive victory today when a judge dismissed a suit to have it thrown off the ballot. The suit, brought by a lawyer from the out-of-state Animal Legal Defense Fund, was dismissed without merit.

"It's hard to argue with Arizona's rich outdoor heritage," said Pete Cimellaro, Campaign Chairman for Arizonans for Wildlife Conservation, upon learning of the court's decision to let Proposition 102 remain on the November 7 ballot. "The opposition knows that once the public learns about the straightforward benefits of this proposition, they will side with wildlife by voting yes. That's exactly why they tried to derail Proposition 102 in the courtroom — they don't want the voters to be able to decide the issue for themselves."

"A yes vote on Prop 102 ensures the state will continue to manage our wildlife resources for the benefit of all Arizonans — fishermen, hunters, birdwatchers, hikers, bikers and photographers alike," said AWC Campaign Manager Courtney Gilstrap. "Prop 102 tells out-of-state extremists they can no longer dictate wildlife policy by simply bankrolling media campaigns with slick 30-second sound bites designed to make the evening news."

"We were confident we would win," said Mike Hull, spokesman for Arizonans for Wildlife Conservation. "The Animal Legal Defense Fund is comprised of about 750 lawyers nationally who tie up our courts and waste taxpayer money with frivolous suits like this. Well, they have come to Arizona and lost. I think what they will find is that Arizonans don't like them wasting our taxpayer money. During the course of the campaign, they should join the majority of Arizonans who want to protect Arizona's wildlife for future generations without wasting taxpayer money, by voting yes on Proposition 102."

"We are raising the bar with regard to wildlife, plain and simple. Any proposed changes to the delicate balance of wildlife needs to be important enough to appeal to all Arizonans," said Guy J. Sagi, Pima County Coordinator for Arizonans for Wildlife Conservation. "We all benefit from the abundance of wildlife that our experts professionally manage — let's continue that heritage."

For more information, contact Arizonans for Wildlife Conservation by calling (602) 712-1121.

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