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National Public Lands Day

As creeping anti-hunting agendas are being pushed and nurtured by groups like PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), it is imperative that we (hunters) take active roles in our communities to promote a positive spin of our lifestyle. Like it or not, hunting's/fishing's future will be determined in the forums of media spin and public opinion as it is a privilege not unfortunately a right protected in the U.S. Constitution. So, it is vital that we control the perception of hunting and not allow the tree-huggers/anti-hunting community to gain control. As they say in football..."It is our game to win or lose!"

In addition to hunting safely and ethically, we need to be responsible caretakers of the habitats that we utilize to harvest our game. Many of us already contribute time and money to such fine organizations as Ducks Unlimited, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, National Wild Turkey Federation, Trout Unlimited, Mule Deer Foundation, etc... which is mighty generous and commendable due to all our busy schedules!

I write today to encourage anyone with the time to spare on September 23rd to willingly and enthusiastically participate in "National Public Lands Day." This is a great opportunity for hunters, fishers and our friends to help our National Forests by picking up backcountry trash, repairing roads, restoring stream banks, eradicating non-native weeds, enhancing habitat and much more.

"National Public Lands Day" is supported by many of the aforementioned conservation organizations as a catalyst to encourage active stewardship of our National Forests and to cast a proactive and positive light on the entire outdoor sportsmen community!

Since I plan to hunt on National Forests for many years to come, I will participate by packing out trash on September 23rd. Of course I will also take the opportunity to scout new parts of the Klamath Forest for future trips — a win-win-win! Proactively helping the forest habitat, helping to build a postive perception of hunters as stewards of the land and water, and getting some fresh air, exercise and maybe finding a new sweet spot or honey hole!

Thanks for reading

Patrick Beaham

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