New Carbon Fiber Barrel
New for 2000, Browning has partnered with Christensen Arms to offer carbon fiber barrels on the A-Bolt. This patented technology utilizes a continuously fiber-wound band, sealed with epoxy. This material is used in prosthetics, bicycle frames, golf clubs, fishing rods, reinforcing concrete joints and foundations, and now in barrels for Browning rifles.

These strong fibers surround a stainless steel inner sleeve on the new A-Bolt Carbon Fiber Stainless Stalker. It is stronger than steel, 80% lighter and dissipates heat ten times faster than conventional barrels. Your quick follow-up shots won't be affected by heat or vibration. It gives you the stiffness and accuracy of a heavy barrel without the added weight. There is less barrel whip and better dimensional stability for a more repeatable point of impact.

Two specifications will be available in the Carbon Fiber A-Bolt this year: The A-Bolt Carbon Stainless Stalker in 22-250, which will fast become the ultimate long-range varmint rifle, and the 300 Win. Mag., a hard-hitting, long-range nail driver.

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