E-Mails to the Editor
This Year's Elections

Thank you for taking the space to call on fellow hunters to vote in this year's elections. Your call to know each candidate's position on gun control is right on. Local politicians can wield as much destruction to our right as any national figure.

Chuck Kolesar

Good Junk E-Mail

Your service is extremely appreciated. Of all the "junk" e-mail I receive, yours is the only one which I read and look for. I have appreciated your service so much, I would be willing to pay a fee for the information you provide. I would do this for no other web service. Please continue to communicate the information which should be on the DFG web site but is not. In addition, continue to inform me of the special hunts and drawings.

Thanks again,
Bradford Oliver

Coe Park

I just had the pleasure to hunt a ranch that was next to Coe Park, outside of Morgan Hill, California. It was beautiful and I saw six bucks before shooting a nice 3x3. There was also lots of quail, doves and wild hogs to be had.

As we were driving in through the park I had a couple of thoughts. First Coe Park is about 90,000 acres and I would say that most of the park goes unused all the time. If I had to guess I would say about 95% of the park never gets used. They are still trying to expand this park by buying neighboring ranches. I say what's the point of having these huge parks if nobody uses them — they might as well build houses there. We should be able to hunt these parks even if it's on a limited basis. That way at least the park would be getting used. They could even sell tags to hunt in the park and make some money out of the deal.

Greg Lewis

Editor's Note:
It is true that they continue to try to expand Coe Park — with our tax dollars, mind you. While many of us are not against parks, we can sure question why this one should be expanded — its use does not justify it. Except for springtime, you would find very, very few individuals using it during the summer and fall hunting seasons. Of course, the Park Service would roll over and die before it would entertain the thought of a hunter stepping on their sacred grounds. Go figure!

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