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Sad News

Thanks for opening an old bad subject. Back when American Sportsman's Club was in existence, they leased the old Gill Ranch (the southern portion of Coe Park). Immediately the anti-hunting faction within the State Parks started the ball rolling to take over the Gill Ranch (How dare they allow people to hunt so close to an existing non-hunting park!!!!!!). The sad news is the Anti's won, the Gill's got about twice the worth of the ranch, one of the best cattle ranches down the tube, and one hell of a hunting and fishing ranch locked up by the Anti's. So fight 'em tooth and nail because it will be an uphill battle.

Jeff Harlan

Don't Hide

Thank you for taking the space to call on fellow hunters to vote in this year's elections. Your call to know each candidate's position on gun control is right on. Local politicians can wield as much destruction to our right as any national figure or party.

I was appalled by an article in September's NRA magazine 'America's 1st Freedom' stating that California gun owners chose not to write letters in fear of letting the State Government see their names in print. You have taken the high road, Jerry. If everyone hides behind their doors, the lies win, the Rosie O'Donnell's win, and we all suffer.

Chuck Kolesar
Rocklin, California

The Tag

Just wanted to say thanks for this great site. I look forward each week to getting the new e-mail. I just wanted to let you know that you should remind everyone that takes a deer to tag it as soon as possible. You had picture of a guy with his first buck (Hunting Memories, 9/8/00). It had no tag — that's a fine.

Keep the e-mails coming.

Gil Pence

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