50,000 Acres for California Waterfowl Hunters
Hunters at the northern end of California have access to 10 Department of Fish and Game land holdings totaling more than 50,000 acres for this year's waterfowl seasons, the DFG's Region 1 office said in a reminder issued today.

Five of the areas are "Type B" hunting sites that require possession of either a Type A or Type B season entry pass. All five require a reservation for opening weekend of waterfowl hunting, but no reservations thereafter.

Four of the five areas are within the Northeastern Zone and have an October 7 opening day for ducks and geese. They are Ash Creek Wildlife Area, with 13,897 acres, near Bieber in Lassen and Modoc counties; Butte Valley Wildlife Area, with 13,392 acres, near Macdoel in Siskiyou County; Honey Lake Wildlife Area, with 7,366 acres, east of Susanville in Lassen County; and, Willow Creek Wildlife Area, with 2,722 acres, northeast of Susanville.

The fifth Type B site is Shasta Valley Wildlife Area, with 4,657 acres, near Montague in Siskiyou County. Shasta Valley is in the "Balance of State" zone, which opens for duck hunting October 14, and for geese, November 4.

Also in the "balance" zone are five smaller wildlife sites that provide limited waterfowl hunting opportunity. As "Type C" areas, the five require neither opening day reservations nor an entry pass for hunting.

Three of the five are the Eel River Wildlife Area, with 1,722 acres; the Fay Slough Wildlife Area, with 484 acres; and, the Mad River Slough Wildlife Area, with 547 acres, all in Humboldt County. The other two are the Lake Earl Wildlife Area, with 5,431 acres, in Del Norte County; and the Mouth of Cottonwood Creek Wildlife Area, with 571 acres, in Shasta County.

Details on hunting rules and regulations for all state wildlife areas and for federal areas managed by the DFG are contained in a free regulation booklet, "Hunting and Other Public Uses on State and Federal Areas," available from Fish and Game offices and license agents.

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