How Did The Hunter
Get To The Other Side?
Making life easier for all people that have to get over those hard-to-cross T-Post fences is the purpose of the HI-STEPPER. Hunters, farmers, ranchers, surveyors, pipeline workers can all benefit from the HI-STEPPER.
The concept of the HI-STEPPER was created for the safe and ethical person. People have long attempted various methods to pass over T-Post fences. Some go under, some go through, but most attempt to crawl over the T-Post fence. "Going over" poses a greater challenge as T-Posts are usually strung with barbed wire, which can be very dangerous — people have damaged fences and sometimes even themselves. More than one pair of jeans or expensive hunting pants have been ripped and ruined in making the attempt. Now with one tool, all of this can come to an end.

The HI-STEPPER quickly and securely fastens to almost any T-Post. It provides a secure foothold that allows the user to step up on one side of the post, swing a leg over the fence to the foothold on the other side, and step off.


The Hi-Stepper is cast from Tenzaloy, a lightweight, high-strength aluminum alloy. The primary use of this alloy is used in the aircraft industry to cast airplane parts. You will be amazed by its light weight (8-ounces), yet just as impressive is its strength. The Hi-Stepper has been tested to hold over 1500 pounds. It is just 8" in length, 1" thick and 2 3/16" wide where it attaches to the T-Post. It fits easily in a back pocket or backpack.

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