Horsing Around
by Bob Foulkrod
A friend of mine went to a seminar where part of the socializing involved a horseback trail ride and a cookout. He was a very occasional horse rider, usually as part of his annual elk hunts. His comment immediately after the seminar was, "Thank goodness I wasn’t on an elk hunt. After that trail ride I was so sore that I could barely get around for two days."

Every elk outfitter or guide in the business who uses horses can tell you dozens of similar stories. Every year, many hopeful elk hunters see their hunts diminished or ruined by becoming saddle sore.

Horseback riding stresses muscles and abrades body parts that everyday life seldom challenges. If your elk hunt will involve horses, go to a local stable and tune up your riding skills beforehand. It’s all part of being in shape for the season.

A tip: Wearing pantyhose or Lycra exercise pants under your hunting pants really cuts down the wear and tear on your backside.

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