Nevada Considers Changes In Hunting Regulations
A wide array of issues ranging from crossbow use by disabled hunters to the possible legalization of hologram-type sights on archery hunting equipment will face the state's nine-member Board of Wildlife Commissioners when they meet in Reno, Nevada on October 20-21, 2000.

One one and a half day meeting begins Friday, October 20 at 1:30 p.m., with a review of the current process for the issuance of a transportation permit for harvested wildlife.

A number of agency reports will follow, including problems related to the use of all-terrain vehicles in hunting, an update on the 2000 fire season, bighorn sheep policy and plan development, and progress made by the Governor's Sage Grouse Conservation Team.

The meeting will continue on Saturday with the board's consideration of a regulation, proposed by the Clark County Advisory Board, that would allow a disabled person to use a crossbow to hunt big game in Nevada. Another provision of the same regulation, if approved, would allow the use of battery-operated, or fiber-optic sight pins or cross hairs and holographic sighting devices on longbows and crossbows used for big game hunting.

The Commission will also consider a regulation that would increase nonrefundable big game tag application fees for nonresidents, and add application fees for species that require a tag or special permit, but for which an application fee is not collected currently. In addition, they will consider increasing big game nonresident tag fees for deer, bighorn sheep and elk.

The Commission will consider and act on a petition submitted by the Elko County Advisory Board to Manage Wildlife that requests the board adopt a special spike bull only hunt. The results of a Commission-authorized survey of Nevada big game hunters will also be presented by the New Mexico firm that conducted the study earlier this year under contract.

There will also be a report on the status and findings on cooperative predator management projects funded by NDOW and conducted by USDA's Division of Wildlife Services.

Although the public is urged to attend and comment on any agenda items, special public comment periods are set by the Commission to allow anyone to comment and discuss other items of interest or concern. Comment periods are scheduled for the beginning and end of the meeting sessions on both days.

The meeting will be held at NDOW's conference room at 1100 Valley Room, Reno.

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