We Want Your Pictures!
What are the most popular pages at WesternHunter.com?

You probably guessed it — the most popular pages are those in which hunters are sharing pictures of their hunts with our readers. We encourage you to submit your hunting photos. You can mail them to
WesternHunter.com, P.O Box 7708, Stockton, CA 95267 or if you have a scanner, e-mail them to us at WesternHunter.com.

Here are some are the guidelines you should consider when taking pictures and submitting them for inclusion in articles, Hunting Memories or Picture of the Week pages.

1. Show respect for your game. (Don't clown around in the picture and/or make fun of your game.)
2. Make sure your subject is in focus.
3. Make sure blood is not noticeable. When taking the picture, select an angle that eliminates signs of blood, if necessary.
4. Make sure the animal's tongue is not visible.
5. Use your weapon or natural items to cover any visible wound.
6. Don't write the description on the back of the photo as it may show through. (Tape a piece of paper on the back with the needed information.)
7. Handle your photos with care. They will not look any better than they do when you submit them.
8. Don't submit pictures with arrows sticking out of your game.
9. Don't pose for a picture with blood all over the animal, your hands or clothes. Take a minute to clean up — the animal, too.
10. Don't rush the picture taking. You've worked hard for this game and photographs will be your best memories to share with others.

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