Get A Map
by Matt Morrett
Getting a map of the hunting area is a basic step for elk hunters on their own and for the occupants of a drop camp. However, even a guided hunter needs a map to enhance success and safety.

On many guided operations, the standard deal is two hunters per guide. In this situation, the guide will alternately put one hunter on stand and ride with the other. Sometimes the lone hunter will be asked to meet somewhere else later, or he may see a better opportunity in another place. In a worst-case scenario, your guide might be incapacitated and you have to get out alone.

Well before your hunt, ask your outfitter for the map quadrangle names that cover his hunting territory. You can order these maps from the U.S. Geological Service by calling 1-888-ASK-USGS or online at

These maps, along with knowing how to read them, a compass and perhaps a GPS unit can be worth their weight in gold if you happen to need them.

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