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I really like the E-mails to the Editor page. I hope the people who are writing to you about our hunting and gun rights are also writing to their local newspapers as well...

Amy Sharp

Judges Are Important Too!

Would you consider an endorsement in a Sacramento County Judical race? There are two candidates in our local race. My candidate is Don Steed. He was a Sacramento Police Officer for 14 years and the last 16 he has been a district attorney. Don opposes gun control. His opponent is Trena Burger. She is a liberal Democrat who is trying to look like a conservative Republican. The trouble with Burger is that she is less than honest and forthright in a race for a position that absolutely requires those traits.

More on Don at www.donsteedforsuperiorcourtjudge.com.

Roger Sharrer

Editor's Note:

We feel strongly about gun rights. I'm sure our readers in Sacramento will find your E-mail useful on November 7th.

Attention Pheasant Hunters!

Could you please pass this on to all bird hunters going to El Centro, California for the Pheasant Opener.

Join Us For the Pheasant Opener at Rio Bend RV Park
1-8 & Drew Road, El Centro, CA. Telephone (760) 352-7061
Friday, November 10, 2000
5:00 pm - Social Get-together
6:30 pm - Carne & Pollo Asada BBQ Buffet
RSVP by November 3 to (619) 447-1340 or E-mail muscat@earthlink.net
Cost - $10 per person includes soft drinks.
Raffle will be held for:
Browning BPS 12-Gauge Shotgun
.22 Rifle
Plus More Collectibles
Special President's Gun Raffle Tickets Available for:
Fabarm Classic Lion Grade I (SS), 12-Gauge, 28" bbls
(Drawing March 3rd at the Annual Banquet)

David Ledinsky

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The Most Important Date For Hunters This Year!

On November 7th

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