Grizzly Attacks Hunter
A sow grizzly bear that was wounded by hunters in Wyoming on October 20 had not been located through October 26. The bear was shot after it attacked a hunter in the Brent Creek area northwest of Dubois. The hunter is doing fine and should be headed home from the hospital in a few days.

The area was closed to humans while officials searched the area for the bear October 20-21. The area has since been opened to people, however anyone going in there to hunt should be aware that the bear could still be alive and not in a very good mood.

"The bear could have traveled quite a distance since the mauling occurred, but we are still concerned for public safety," said Brian DeBolt, bear management officer with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department in Lander. After interviewing the hunter, DeBolt said that the cubs were probably yearlings and since bears occasionally wean their cubs as yearlings they most likely will survive if the sow does die.

Hunters are again reminded to carry pepper spray as a first defense in a bear encounter. "None of the hunters involved in this incident were carrying pepper spray," DeBolt said. "Maybe if they would have been, they could have prevented the hunter being mauled and we wouldn't have a wounded or dead grizzly on our hands."

Another recommendation for hunters is to hunt with a partner and stay within sight of one another when hunting in bear country. Information on recreating in bear country is available at all G&F offices, check stations, sporting goods stores and at forest service campgrounds and trailheads.

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