Responsibility on the Road —
Store Ammo Safely
With more hunters driving SUVs than ever, we need to remember that many states have specific regulations about the storage of guns and ammo within the confines of a vehicle. A responsible hunter should always contact the state law enforcement agency in any state where you plan to hunt for a list of specific regulations on firearms ownership and transportation. Most regulations are more easily met in a normal car trunk or a pickup which has a toolbox in the bed, but the SUV has no such nonaccessible area. In many cases, a lockable ammunition container can help offset this concern.

Even if there are not state requirements, it is always a good policy to store ammunition in a separate and locked container when traveling. Many companies manufacture lockable, waterproof ammunition storage boxes sized specifically for the hunter's needs. Larger boxes are available for trap and skeet shooters which can hold as many as 200 shotshells. These lockable cases can also be used to hold calls and other incidentals for the hunt.

Security of ammunition when traveling is also very important in today's society. As responsible gun owners, we must always be vigilant so that like our firearms, our ammunition never falls into the wrong hands.

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