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This Friday, November 3, at 53 years old, I'm going on my first ever guided hunt. I'm going to Montana and I'm looking forward to a great hunt and a great time. I hope to have some pictures for you when I return. I have hunted for most of my life and intend to continue doing so for the remainder of it. Why do I want to share this with all of your readers? Because I want everyone to remember to get out and vote — as I have already (absentee vote) — and protect our right to hunt or collect guns or just plain shoot holes in paper.

I enjoy the outdoors whether it's hunting, fishing or just taking in the sights. I don't want my rights as an American taken away from me. I know that anyone reading this probably has already voted or fully intends to do so but just in case someone is sleeping, I thought I would say something. These are your responsibilities as a gun owner to get out to vote and protect our rights.

Thanks for your time.

Bob Boyd

Lady Bowhunter For Gun Rights

Good job, Jerry! You are so right. Although I am a bowhunter, I do own several guns, and would like to take a big game animal with one someday. I enjoy shooting, and am a good shot. I don't want to lose my guns or the right to hunt with them, should the opportunity arise.

Jan Perry

Different This Year

This time of year, as I prepare for our annual family deer hunt in Michigan, I normally find myself reading magazine articles for new or forgotten tactics. This year has been different. The first stop has been the 'letters to the editors'. Some of the national magazines have done an excellent job covering the election as it affects hunters; some have been less than bold. Guess where my renewal money will go?

I commend your work, words of wisdom, and efforts. Being a one-man show can be tiring and trying. You have lived up to and beyond the call. Thanks.

I have voted already by absentee ballot. Living in a "safe" county like Placer can be deceiving. I have also found the 'less than informed' among friends and most disheartening, family. One last suggestion, talk to the older members of your family. There have been so many negative and misleading messages sent their way recently they may be lost in the forest.

Take a minute and make a call. Your view could make the difference.

Chuck Kolesar
Rocklin, California

Don't Want To Make A Mistake

I'm voting this year and it will be for Bush. But I don't know the other people to vote for that support my gun rights. Can you help so I don't make a mistake.

Marvin Rose

Editor's Note:
Marvin, for California it will be easy. Because Republicans in general are in line with our side of the gun rights issue, I will tell you the two Democrats in California that are listed by the California Rifle and Pistol Association as candidates to vote for — in all other races Republicans are on our gun rights side.

Here are the Democrats:
Assembly District 48
Roderick "Rod" Wright
Assembly District 42
Joe Baca

In addition, Don Steed, running for judge in Sacramento is for gun rights.

The November issue of Outdoor Life will give you a state-by-state rundown.

Don't Let Them
Gut Shoot Us
This Year!

November 7th!

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