A New Duck Gun?
by Bill Jordan
Most hunters have an old favorite shotgun that reflects years of wonderful waterfowling memories. However, we also are intrigued by the new models as well.

One of the best things that has happened to waterfowling shotguns is the application of a protective camouflage finish. Most major shotgun manufacturers offer waterfowl-worthy shotguns in camo.

Besides the obvious advantage of a camouflaged gun, the new finishes are very protective. The finishes are applied by an immersion process and, in effect, coat the gun, lock, stock and barrel, with a camo pattern. This coating is considerably thicker and more protective than a coat of paint. It is permanent and will not peel or fade. It also provides a non-slip surface for a better grip on the gun.

For hunters with an all-around gun who don’t want it camouflaged all the time, camo tape or the various camo covers that can be slipped and zipped on without impairing the gun’s function are the answer. These also provide excellent protection for your shotgun.

Advantage Wetlands
The Official Camo Pattern of Ducks Unlimited

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