Duck Calling Tune-Up
by Buck Gardner
I didn’t win any of my duck-calling championships by showing up at the contest with no practice and otherwise unprepared to compete. Neither do I go to the blind unready to do my best calling job to waterfowl. Neither should you.

If you get a new call, it is a very wise idea to get the instructional tape or video that goes with it. Calls from different makers often blow a bit differently. Listening to the guy who made the call tell you how to blow it best is a far shorter learning curve than trial and error.

If you are using an older call, clean it up. All calls perform better when the crumbs of last season’s sandwiches, weed seeds and pocket lint are removed. A thorough cleaning requires removing the reed or reeds. Study their original position before removing them and replace them properly.

For a quick clean-up in the field, carry some dental floss or use a dollar bill to clean between and under reeds without disassembly.

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