E-Mails to the Editor
Enjoy It

I enjoy your electronic magazine very much and look forward to it each week.

Melvin J. Chikato

Great Idea

Thoroughly enjoyed your pictures and details on your elk hunt. This is a great idea!!!!

I couldn't go this year, this is really appreciated!

George Coughran
Redding, California

Unethical Distance?

Mike Zalud took a magnificent buck. I share his happiness for having bagged such a beauty. Surprised, though, that he would admit to — and that you would print — such unethical behavior. Taking "rushed" 330+ yard shots at fleeing deer is unsportsman-like behavior at best. Admitting that he had to trail the wounded buck for half a mile only serves to prove that even after four shots he failed to score an immediately vital strike. Disappointed to see you reward his behavior in your newsletter. Encourage all hunters to know their abilities, stay within their limitations and respect the game that they pursue.

John P. Joyner
Coarsegold, CA

Editor's Note:
With today's firearms, a 330-yard shot is limited by the shooter's ability, not necessarily their firearm. We do not know Mike Zalud's ability with a deer rifle. On the other hand, there are some hunters who shouldn't take a shot past 100 yards. The decision to shoot should be based on knowing your limitations, shot placement, and your ability to track.

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