California Bear Season Closed
The California Department of Fish and Game (DFG) announced Thursday (November 30), the closure of California's black bear hunting season. Under regulations adopted by the Fish and Game Commission, the black bear season is to be closed if and when the DFG verifies that 1,500 bears have been taken by hunters.

Th DFG's Wildlife Programs Branch monitors the take of bears through mandatory tag returns by successful hunters. The clsoure of bear season is effective immediately after 1,500 tags are received. Tags that have yet to be received by the DFG will put the harvest total slightly above 1,500. This will not have a negative impact on the state's bear populations, which is estimated at 18,000 to 23,000 animals.

If the 1,500 bear tags had not been received, the season would have run through Sunday, December 31, 2000.

In addition to other information sources, the DFG will mail notices to all bear tag holders that the season is closed. DFG wardens and biologists will also inform hunters they encounter in the field.

All bear tags (including those unused or unfilled) must be returned to the Wildlife Programs Branch, DFG, 1416 Ninth Street, Sacramento, California, 95814 by February 1, 2001. Hunters who don't return their tags may lose bear hunting privileges next year.

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