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I really enjoy and look forward to your
e-magazine, it fits right in with today's lifestyle. Maybe I'll even send you an elk or buck picture, if you need some.

Great job.

Mark Foster

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300 WSM

Hi Guys, I've been shooting a dead ringer for this (300 WSM) for three years, it's called a 30-350 Rem. Mag. See P.O. Ackley Vol.1, I think. He bagged it in favor of his 30-06 improved but if loaded with slower ball powders it beats it hands down. Typical load 64 grains of H414, standard Federal primer, 150-grain Rem. Core Lok yields 3350 fps on a 24-inch barrel. For speed freaks, 130-grain Hornady over 62 grains of ADI2208 yields 3500 fps over the Prochrony.

By the way, nice sight.

Ian Crawshaw

Hunter Responses

Thanks for not taking sides regarding Mr. Joyner's passing judgement on me without being there or knowing how I shoot. I shoot a lot! I also do a lot of shooting at Dul Zura Range outside San Diego, California, at distances of 100, 200, and 300 yards and am quite competent. For the record, the shot was made with a 270 from a tripod rest. I should have got him with one of the first two shots but I guess I was a little bit excited. The shot was a killing lung shot and I was quite surprised at the distance the buck went.

Thanks again for posting my story. I enjoy others' stories as well.,

Mike Zalud

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