Selecting Waders
by Bill Jordan
Modern waders are marvelous. Not only are they more durable these days, they also offer waterfowlers many comfort options.

Neoprene waders fit like a body suit and greatly reduce bulk for easier movement. They are available in various degrees of thickness, which add additional insulation. They are both waterproof and quite warm, allowing many waterfowlers to do away with at least one layer of insulation that they would normally wear.

The old-fashioned, loose-fitting boot-foot waders are still popular. Their looser fit allows more air circulation for hunting in warmer weather. However, these too are now constructed of modern materials that are more resistant to ozone cracking.

The newest styles are based on Gore-Tex® and are both waterproof and breathable. They are light in weight and are great not only for warm-weather hunting but also for situations where the hunter might have to exert himself and work up a sweat.

All these waders are available in camouflage patterns and many models offer additional insulation in the foot area.

Advantage Wetlands
The Official Camo Pattern of Ducks Unlimited

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