Picture of the Week
Birthday Buck
Joe Bullock was very happy with this buck which he took using a special California Golden Opportunity deer tag which he purchased as high bidder at a fund-raising dinner.

Bullock shot the buck on December 3, 2000, which was also his birthday, while hunting on Dye Creek Ranch in northern California.
(Editor's Note: What a way to celebrate your birthday!)

This was the 23rd buck that he had looked at that day between 11 a.m. and 4:45 p.m. Its rack is 28-inches wide and 18-inches tall. It is a 4x4 with a bunch of cheater points on it — or you could say it's a 9x6. Either way, it is the second-largest buck ever taken on Dye Creek Ranch. It scored 172 2/8 SCI.

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