Oregon Coyote
Hunting Opportunities
With many of the big game seasons closed, hunters can still go afield and get some good shooting while at the same time helping out those deer and antelope herds by reducing the winter kill caused by coyotes. In addition, you will really have an impact on this year's spring fawn survival by thinning the coyote population.

Here's the latest report for hunting coyotes in Oregon:

Deschutes District

Good numbers continue to be available throughout the district. Areas near Fort Rock and Christmas Valley should provide excellent opportunities as well as east of Bend from Pine Mountain to Glass Butte. Coyotes are also scattered north of Frederick's Butte and Pine Ridge near antelope herds.

Ochoco District

BLM lands east of Prineville in the Maury and Ochoco units offer good hunting. Hunters will need a 4-wheel drive, and be prepared for cold weather conditions.

Klamath District

Good hunting opportunities exist now as coyotes follow deer down to lower elevation areas. Agricultural areas offer good hunting for those with permission on private lands.

Baker District

Coyote numbers are high and calling should be good. Be sure to ask permission before hunting on private land.

Union District

Hunting the lower elevations by calling should be good. Hunters are reminded to get permission before hunting private land.

Wallowa District

Good numbers of coyotes are available throughout the district.

Harney District

Coyote numbers are fair. As snow begins to cover the higher elevations, coyotes are moving to lower areas and becoming more concentrated along with deer, antelope, and rabbits. Calling on cold, clear days in remote areas should lead to good success.

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