Decoys In Motion
by Buck Gardner
Motion adds much to your decoy spread. Always an asset, movement is a near necessity on still days when wary ducks flare from still decoy spreads.

For years we have relied on various "jerk string" tactics to liven up our spreads. "Jumpers" consist of a regular decoy with the string running through a pulley on a heavy anchor and back to the blind. Pulling the string pulls the decoy under water and releasing the string allows it to pop up. Another idea uses the heavy anchor and a bungee cord. One or more decoys may be tied to a string running back to the blind. Pulling the string makes the decoys "swim" toward the blind. Release the string and the bungee cord pulls them back.

These days we have flying kite decoys that soar in the wind. There also are a number of battery-operated decoys that vibrate, wobble, swim about and flap their wings. These add a lot of movement and greatly enhance the decoy spread.

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