California Hunters
Must Take Quick Action
OK, California hunters, here is your chance to help yourself and other hunters before the animal rights groups outflank us and prevent a person who understands conservation and sportsmen's issues from being confirmed to the Fish and Game Commission.

Michael Flores is currently serving on the Fish and Game Commission, awaiting confirmation. We have been alerted that the animal rights groups are working to prevent his confirmation because Flores is a bowhunter.

I have witnessed Mr. Flores in action. He and the other commissioners have opened the Commission to more input from the public and have even begun to hold some of their meetings on Saturdays so the working public has an opportunity to attend them.

At the last two Commission meetings I attended, there was a genuine interest by the Commission to hear comments from the public and to have the Department of Fish and Game survey sportsmen in order to determine future directions in wildlife management.

So here is what you need to do this week.

Please write letters to Senator John L. Burton — they need to be actual letters — as he currently has no e-mail address. Address your letters to:

Senator John L. Burton,
Chairman, Senate Rules Committee.
State Capitol, Room 500
Sacramento, CA. 95814

Please send a copy of your letter to your Senator also.

It is important to mention that he is strong on conservation issues.

Commissioner Flores has been responsible for many changes to the benefit of all sportsman and conservation issues. In your letters, state that you request his confirmation as a Commission member because of his dedication to our natural resources and the conservation knowledge he brings to the Commission, which will benefit the future of our state's fish, wildlife and citizens of California.

We need lots of letters as those opposed to Mr. Flores' confirmation on the Commission are the animal rights groups. Be brief, polite and supportive of conservation in your letter. Always use Honorable when addressing an elected official.

Finally, I wish to thank Dr. J Rod McGinnis of the California Bowmen Hunters/State Archery Association for alerting us to this issue.

Now please start writing that letter!

Jerry Springer

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